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Hamilton Sinkler designs and manufactures architectural hardware for the luxury consumer. We produce striking, innovative designs in collaboration with artists willing to interpret their visions in door and cabinet hardware. Founded in New York City in 2001, Hamilton Sinkler has established itself as a forward-thinking boutique firm with excellent service, technical expertise, and unique design vision. Our elegant hardware adorns New York high rises, luxury town and country homes, boutique hotels, corporate headquarters, and more.

Its founders, twin brothers Rob and Ash Suri, emigrated to New York from London, England after receiving their educations in building studies and civil engineering. From their family roots in India they draw on the country’s rich history of artisanship and expert metalwork techniques to create exquisite decorative hardware with architectural chops. Today, Rob Suri serves as the chief operating officer while Ash leads a prestigious New York luxury home building and renovating company.

Located steps from New York City’s Design Center, the Hamilton Sinkler team strives to provide excellent service and technical expertise. From hardware scheduling services to 3-D modelling, we curate a nonpareil experience while shepherding the client through each step of the design and purchasing process. In addition, Hamilton Sinkler distributes it hardware through a select group of showrooms.